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OnSchedule is a Florida-based company that provides customers throughout the United States with calendar coordination and appointment-scheduling services.

The duties of OnSchedule associates include scheduling, rescheduling and managing appointments for sales professionals in response to customer requests.

The company’s customers include sales professionals and other organizations in need of appointment-scheduling services.

More about OnSchedule

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OnSchedule associates consistently make in-person, virtual and telephone appointments from a variety qualified lead sources for a range of industries, products, goods and services.

A qualified lead is a person who has expressed an interest in information about a product or service that is available from a sales professional and who meets the criteria for a specific service or product.

Appointments consist of setting a meeting with a potential customer that can develop into a sale of products and services.

OnSchedule associates also conduct campaigns, which are organized outreach programs intended to secure appointments with sales leads for a particular product or service in a designated area.

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